Start making smarter P2P investment decisions

Get in-depth analytics on your P2P investment performance and detect best risk-adjusted investment opportunities with Rocket Scores.
Integrations with other platforms coming soon
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Understand and improve your actual returns

All the features you have been looking for
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Real Interest Rate

Understand the Real Interest Rate you are earning on your portfolio, each loan originator, and more
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Rocket Score

Identify the best performing and most attractive lending companies on risk-adjusted basis with Rocket Scores.
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Charts and Analytics

Examine your P2P portfolio developments conveniently by seeing the realized and estimated profit, XIRR, investments, deposits, and much more
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Suspended & Defaulted Loan Analysis

Attain comprehensive defaulted & suspended loan originator analytics and see indepdendent forecasts of the likely recovery rates.
More features coming later...

How Welfio works

3 simple steps to get started

— Step 1

Upload your Mintos account statement

Upload account statement with all available transactions from your Mintos account.

— Step 2

Analyze your investments

See advanced analytics on your P2P revenue, losses, and actual returns, as well as expected performance

— Step 3

Make better investment decisions

Base your investment decisions on loan originator Rocket Scores as well as your historical investment performance

Start making smarter P2P investment decisions