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Welfio provides you with the right data so you can build your wealth with ease.
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Why invest in loans?

Earn high returns

Start building passive income with just €50 and yield high returns from regular interest payments.


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Welfio breaks down barriers that made investing in loans hard

Save time and energy using our expert analysis

No one wants to spend days evaluating hundreds of investment opportunites. Welfio takes care of that for you.

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See what platforms are not telling you

Unlike loan marketplaces, Welfio is fully independent from the lending companies, so our analysts can evaluate each investment objectively.

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Easy-to-understand risk analysis

We analyze countless metrics and evaluate all the angles to present the results to you in a plain and simple format.

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Stay up to date with significant changes

Welfio is following all important events and will notify you on things that matter. Every notification will be actionable.

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Find the best investments in seconds

Welfio gathers data from more than 200 loan companies and detects the best opportunities, using advanced scoring methods.

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Diversify like a pro

Never put all eggs in one basket. With Welfio, you can create a well diversified investment portfolio accross different loan types, countries and lending companies.


Stay on top of changes

Leave your worries to us. We will inform you on new investment opportunities or relevant risk changes so you can adjust your investment strategy.

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Welfio gathers data from more than 200 lending companies and detects the best opportunities, using advanced scoring methods.

How do loan investments work?

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