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About Welfio

Best tool for managing a loan investment portfolio

Welfio is on a mission of eliminating the struggle and the guesswork from investing in loans (also known as peer-to-peer investing)
We provide investors, regardless of their experience and size of their portfolio, with actionable and data-driven insights on loan investments that can be turned into consistent world-class returns.
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Our mission is to make investing in loans simple

The recent troubles the financial markets have shown that, to ensure stable returns under different conditions, we must also invest in assets that generate strong regular income.

With simple underlying logic, potential for strong and consistent returns loans are exactly the asset class for that.

The reality of loan investments, however, is not that smooth. We have too many loan marketplaces to choose from, the data available is not always standardized and understandable. So how do we navigate the sea of marketplaces and loans?

We are here to make loan investments work.

We are here to become the most used service in Europe for managing investments in loans.

With all the features that you have been looking for, we will be your one-stop solution for navigating the world of loan investments.

Meet our core team

Extensive data science, analytics, finance, software engineering and entrepreneurship background. Above all - a willingness to help fellow investors achieve their financial freedom goals.

Ričards Kraupša

Ričards Kraupša

Co-founder and CEO

Edvarts Endziņš

Edvarts Endziņš

Co-founder and COO

Antanas Jablonskis

Business Development manager

Juris Zubkāns

Juris Zubkāns

Co-founder and CTO

Jurģis Stalažs

Jurģis Stalažs


Pēteris Ozoliņš

Pēteris Ozoliņš

Head of Product

Kristīne Kastanovska

Kristīne Kastanovska

Analytics Lead

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