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Key Features

Simply invest, track and report

We know investing in loans can get frustrating. Claim back your time and improve passive earnings.

Over 200 loan originators and 424'932 user transactions analyzed

Works with


Make informed investing decisions

Welfio's comprehensive risk and return scoring allows you to identify the most attractive investment opportunities in seconds.

Live risk-reward assesment of opportunities
Loan originator risk scoring
Red & orange flags for loan originators

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Opportunity & risk alerts
Automated investing strategies


Track investment performance

Various charts, tables, and metrics - all you need to know how well your loan investments are actually doing.

Core portfolio metrics
Loan originator performance
Performance charts
Recovery funds analysis
Cash flow forecasting

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Aggregated market data


Report on the value and earnings

Stay on top of the developments of your portfolio value, your accounting and tax reporting.

Balance sheet reporting

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Tax reporting
Joint account statement

Welfio takes the legwork out my due diligence process and allows me to easily and visually track my true portfolio performance. Welfio is an invaluable tool for all levels of investors and I strongly endorse it.


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